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This blog is one dedicated to celebrate and promote African color and beauty by helping black women reveal the true beauty, value and worth which lies within them. 

The aim is to build a community of black women who are a pride and blessing to their home hence society. The articles in this blog vary from beauty tips, skin care, hair care, lifestyle, reviews and motivation. We also share inspiring stories to help you become the best version of yourself. From time to time, we do have interviews with ladies creating impact in their fields because we believe women ought to support one another and not compete.

If you are dark skinned and you feel like you don’t have a place in society. If you think you aren’t beautiful because of your complexion, if you aren’t comfortable in your hair and skin. If you’ve lost confidence in yourself and your abilites, I’m inviting you to join this community.

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This blog is not just for dark skin women but black women in general cause after all there are women with sweet chocolate skin who still bleach anyways and it worries me a lot. Women of colour need to understand where their beauty, worth and value lies. I believe in women and their role in their families and hence society. So you are welcome to ride with me, make yourself comfortable because it’s going to be a long ride but I hope you enjoy every step of it. Remember, what beautifies a destination is the journey.

About Me

I’m a Cameroonian living in Buea. I have a passion for dance, music, movies, writing and reading. I love beautifying and organizing things around me. I also love creating impact in any little ways I can


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