I remember I used to hate makeup while in secondary school. The best I could do was put lip balm and it always made my face to shine so much so that people will ask if I oiled my face with groundnut oil. Well I’m sure I didn’t do makeup because it wasn’t allowed and I was a good student (as they called me). But when I got to university, things became much different and I got to love it more and more. One thing I realized is once you get so used to it, it becomes difficult to go out a day without wearing it and when you do, you feel less beautiful or unattractive. Having in mind that inner beauty is much more important than outer beauty, your outer appearance still matters a lot. Now you won’t always have the time to wear makeup especially when you’re running late for a class, appointment, interview or even to church. You wouldn’t want to appear shabby or people identifying you as beautiful because of makeup. First and foremost, it’s very important for you to know that you’re beautiful, it’s a fact and you don’t have to prove it to anyone not even yourself. Let it sink right deep into your heart and not your head (LOL) else pride might take over you. Seriously girl, though that long fitting gown looks fabulous on you and those ‘pokello’ shoes that match the dressing not forgetting the long human hair you just got, don’t let these define your beauty because we both know they’re just temporal. Among us girls we know though we fancy them now sooner or later they’ll get old and we won’t be able to wear them. Peter puts it this way, ‘your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewellery or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a quiet and gentle spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight (1 Peter 3:3-4). One question I always ask myself is, do I feel as beautiful with makeup as without? If the answer is no, then I know something is wrong somewhere, maybe I’m no longer taking care of my skin and I’m hiding under the umbrella of makeup. If I were married, I’ll try to find out if my husband finds me attractive whether or not I wear makeup. If not I’ll know that I’m neglecting my skin in certain ways. It’s true makeup is so magical and its effects cannot be over emphasized. If you’re on Instagram you’ll understand what I mean. Makeup enhances your beauty, so should you wear it if you don’t believe you’re beautiful? The thing is, most people use makeup to hide their blemishes and imperfections which doesn’t change the fact that they are there. Rather than trying to hide that acne or rash or pimple, why not try treating it instead. Your skin doesn’t glow? Have you tried a skin care routine or perhaps it’s your body lotion you need to change or even your diet. You can try to hide it but you can’t run away from it. The best thing to do is to fix it. I had my first breakout few months ago and it was so devastating. I literally saw my self-esteem drop to zero level. It was more traumatizing because everyone knew me as the smooth face type so they kept asking questions like, ’what happened?’ which only made me hurt the more. Whenever I got a compliment, I doubted it. Yea, I started doubting my beauty. Seriously the person I saw in the mirror with pimples all over her face wasn’t beautiful. But through prayer and reading the Word, I got my confidence back. It’s then that I learnt about skin care routine, which I had no idea of before. To me, skin care was all about using the right body lotion (the one that won’t change my skin color). Since then, I haven’t had any breakouts because skin care isn’t just a solution to your skin problems but it also helps to prevent them. By skin care I’m talking about cleansing, moisturizing, toning, exfoliating etc. Some of you might be familiar with these already which is great and I just wish to encourage you to keep being consistent and save yourself from future skin issues. If you are serious and have been doing it for a while, the results should be evident already. The key to being consistent is to make it simple and flexible

All the same I still love makeup and wear it occasionally but I always try to keep it simple, don’t get me wrong!

If there’s one thing you should remember after reading this long writing is

  • You are beautiful and you don’t have to prove that to anyone not even yourself.
  • Your beauty is irrespective of whether you wear makeup or not.
  • Do not let your beauty be defined by clothes, makeup, or jewellery, true beauty is within.
  • You don’t need to look shabby just because you aren’t wearing makeup.
  • You can look flawless and attractive without makeup too.
  • Your outer appearance matters too and your natural beauty needs to be maintained.
  • To do that you need to start a daily skin care routine.
  • This involves cleansing, moisturizing, toning and exfoliating.
  • To have results you need to be consistent.
  • The key to consistency is to make your routine simple and flexible.


To conclude, taking care of your body is a way of honoring and glorifying God because you are His temple. So when next you want to leave your house remember that the king of Glory lives in you.

Thanks for reading through and I hope you found worth in it.


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