In a town like Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, rush hour is such an annoying moment. The roads are jam packed with all sorts of people; students, parents and workers trying to make it to their various destinations on time while motorbikes and taxis are hurrying to get as many customers as possible. You can end up standing at the road side for literally an hour or even more. During one of my long holidays, I decided to work at my dad’s office which is like 30 minutes away from home on a normal day. But of course when there’s traffic, it can take one hour or more. Transportation wasn’t always easy and one occasion I got to learn a lot.


There are times you notice there are too many people going to the same destination as you and so you decide to propose say 300 francs instead of the normal 250 francs most likely because you’re running late. Next thing is the taxi takes you but doesn’t take the others who are proposing just 250 francs.


  • If you want to get there fast you need to go the extra mile.
  • You need to do something others aren’t doing.
  • To be outstanding, you need to stand out.
  • There’s no way you can make a difference by being indifferent.
  • If you aren’t where you’re supposed to be right now, maybe you need to start studying more, praying more, giving more, helping more, thinking more etc. just DO MORE.
  • If you’re asking yourself what the point is since they all will finally reach their destination, remember that life is like a race each one of us having our own paths and most of all, our days are numbered.
  • If you have the opportunity to do more, why not do it? There’s no time to waste.



In another situation, after proposing 250 francs for too long, 10 minutes pass then 20 then 30. Finally, you get tired of being rejected by taxis and standing on the same spot for too long and so decide to propose 300 francs. You think probably the 250 francs wasn’t enough. After a taxi takes you, somewhere along the road not far from where you were standing, someone else who proposes the normal fare gets taken too.


There are times in our lives when we feel rejected and then we decide to do things just to get others to like us or be attracted to us. So it’s like increasing the taxi fare in order to get the driver’s attention. But the truth is, maybe they weren’t just the right people for you. If the taxi was going your direction, it would certainly have taken you even without hesitating and for the normal fare. If it didn’t take you, then it wasn’t going your way, not that your proposal wasn’t good enough. So if you get rejected, remember that it might be because you aren’t going the same direction as them. You probably don’t have the same goals or mindset as them. So be patient, the taxi that was meant for you and is going to your destination will definitely take you. One good prayer you could make is that God should send the right people who have similar goals, dreams and visions as you that will help you get there faster.


Then there are those funny days that you propose something less than the normal. For example, you might be proposing 150 francs when you know that it is 200 francs. And when you are asked to pay 200 francs, you refuse.


It is true the taxi is going your way but what you have to offer isn’t just enough. They might be people who have same destination as you and if you still get rejected then maybe the problem is with you this time around. You might say you have just 150 francs in other words you are saying, that’s how you are or that you were born that way. We all have our weaknesses but we can become much better especially as Christians for we are being transformed daily by the renewing of our mind. So it’s not normal for you to be hot tempered, angry, or negative, you can be better. When you finally decide to propose 200 francs you’ll be surprised at how rapidly the next taxi going to your destination will take you.





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