Generally, time spent at the beauty salon is considered as ladies time somehow. If you often visit the beauty salon either to do your hair, makeup, manicure, pedicure, facials etc you would know that every discussion mostly revolves around beauty, men, money and fashion.

Recently, I visited a salon to do my hair and one of the hairdressers (a beautiful dark lady) there looked at me and said, “chai, black is fine.” “I want na dis kind fineee black” This prompted the lady whose hair she was doing to narrate a story of a guy who was so dark that some people thought he was wearing black socks. So, one of them decided to touch his leg, to confirm whether their thoughts were right or wrong. Of course, they were wrong. You can imagine how the dark guy must have felt.

Well I’ve been in his shoes. So many times people have touched my hands or face to see if my dark complexion will fade away. Like seriously, what nerve!!!! I was really impressed with the hairdresser, even after hearing the story, she still went on to say how much she loved that kind of black. Then she said, “ natural fair skin too is nice because we all are Africans. The only problem is when you see a light skinned girl, you would never know if it’s actually natural or bleached. But when you see a dark girl from afar, you’re hundred percent sure that it’s natural.

I really feel encouraged seeing other dark girls love their skin as much as I do

Then there’s this thing about colors. What color will fit a dark girl? Some say bright colors, what do you think ?

Speaking of beauty salons, what are your plans for your hair this festive season? If like me, you want something natural or braids, be sure to check out my post on braiding styles

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