sweet mother

I wrote this 2 years ago for my mum on mother’s day and since we just celebrated her 50th anniversary I decided to post this here just to honor her. It’s a list of a few of her awesome characteristics that are worth emulating.

Very hardworking

  • She will be the first to wake up even though she was the last to sleep. Amazingly no matter how tiring her day was , she will stay up just to make sure everyone gets home safely, ( you can see her most of the times battling with sleep on the coach and you can tell how tiring her day was).
  • She will wake up early to ensure that everyone has something for breakfast before they leave for work or school. She’s so excellent when it comes to that.
  • She has a lot of energy. My goodness! she can really work for long hours without getting tired, in fact she can do anything and everything she does, she does it so well.
  • She’s very serious at her job too , very exceptional and highly recommendable. She leaves a good impression with all those whom she’s worked with.
  • She loves reading and ‘m sure by now she must have read a whole library. 


  • Each time we come across any of her secondary school classmates they always acknowledge how intelligent she used to be back when they were in school. 
  • I remember a time when she had to write an exam in other to get promoted at her office. She’ll wake up very early to study. She always found time to study no matter how busy she got and that challenged and encouraged me a lot. 

Loving and caring

  • Whenever I’m sick or disturbed I can literally see her feeling my pains and I’m assured that I’m not alone. 
  • Once in a while, she will come and offer me breakfast right in my room especially if I’m preparing for exams and buried in my book. (how romantic is that! )
  • She knows all our favorite dishes and she makes sure that we all get satisfied.

Friendly and jovial

  • It is very rare to see my mum angry. She’s always happy and its very contagious. It’s true everyone has problems but she knows how to control hers so that we don’t get worried. 
  • She’s very welcoming and she knows how to make a stranger feel at home. 
  • In fact she gets along with every new person she meets, either at the market, church e.t.c
sweet mother

  Mama , you are package from God to me. I didn’t fall from the sky, everything I am today is graced to you. You are my role model and each day I dream of becoming more like you. All these I have listed above are just a tip of the iceberg for you are so much more than that. For the love you have shown to us mama, God will reward you and you will reap the fruits of your labor. Some people may say its a mother’s natural love for her children but I know many mothers who are just the opposite of you and I know many children who have been deprived of a mother’s love. That’s why I am much grateful and I count myself very blessed and honored to be your daughter. I cannot even think of life without you.  I love you dearly.

50th birthday cake for sweet mother

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