5 Inspirational messages from Sarah Jakes Roberts

5 Inspirational messages from Sarah Jakes Roberts

Sarah Jakes

Whenever I listen to a message by Sarah Jakes Roberts, I can’t help but scream! Her words have a way of cutting deep. I guess it’s not just the words but the energy behind the words. Looking at her life story, all that she has been through I’m inspired. Being a mum at 14, going through a public divorce while being the daughter of a pastor. Not just any kind of pastor but the well renowned bishop TD Jakes. I can’t even imagine the pressure, pain and shame she experienced. After going through all that, yet she was able to turn her pain into purpose.

Now being a mom of 4, wife, ministry leader, entrepreneur and creating her own fashion line, I’m convinced that any woman, no matter what she has gone through or is going through will be able to relate with her messages. I believe these quotes from Sarah Jakes Roberts will inspire you to become all that you were born to be.

When asked by black enterprise how she plans her content and prioritizes the messages she delivers, she said …

I deliver messages that resonate with where I am. It probably has a lot to do with the passion that I end up bringing to the message. I don’t look at what’s going wrong in the world and say, okay I’m going to preach about this because it’s the headlines. I think some people do that and that works for them. But I literally go into prayer and access my own life. I focus on where am I and what do I need to hear.

1) Sarah Jakes Roberts – Don’t settle for safe, embrace the uncomfortable to become unstoppable

“Despite the many tears that threatened to dilute it, your faith did not dissolve. Your heart is still pumping. Your pulse is a sign that this world needs you.”

“She caved into the pressure to be like everyone else and robbed the world of the wealth assigned to her truth.”

link to message: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFqTtcvbTmM

2) Random quotes- Sarah Jakes Roberts

“Remember this: you are strong enough to confront your history. Don’t turn away from your brokenness. Remember that you’re not doing this alone. God foreknew this moment would come. Every now and then we need a reminder that someone else has defeated a giant we must face. Allow this book to be that reminder. Instead of counting the reasons you have to be afraid, give yourself permission to be brave. You’ve already survived the trauma, but you can’t transform your pain into purpose until you’re willing to pick it up again. Roll up your sleeves, wipe your tears.

“Instant gratification often results in long-term disappointment. The many broken promises I have made to myself have created wounds I am still discovering. Growth occurs when we confront our personal experiences and how they’ve changed us.”

“Imagine where your Light will take you when you begin to trust God and not the negative opinions or thoughts that live in your heart.”

Sarah Jakes Roberts

3) Come out of hiding- Sarah Jakes Roberts

I don’t know who you are but this is the year of revolution of you. You’ve been dipping your toe in the water and I hear God saying that it is time for you to jump all the way in. That all of us come to a time in a season of our life where we can no longer afford to just dip our toe in and we are saying, ” I don’t want to fail so I’ll just keep my hand on the plough over here and I don’t want to fully commit so imma just keep my options over here.” I hear God saying that you are never going to experience the miracle transformation power of God unless you dive all the way in… I hear God saying that your fear is keeping you from diving in but if only you’ll dive all the way in. Then I’ll show you how to swim in this water. I’ll show you how to show up in that boardroom, I’ll show you how to navigate this relationship, I’ll show you how to raise that child… If you would speak the words I speak over you and do what I say do then you will recognize that it’s time for you to COME OUT OF HIDING.

link to message: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hwc5XxATWlM&t=982s

4) Victory over insecurities

… And I was thinking about this in the context of our insecurities. I’ve always wanted them to disappear, does anybody else feel this way too? I just want them to disappear… But I realise that maybe we are praying the wrong prayers. Maybe the prayer should be instead God help me to navigate my insecurities.

link to message: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4OsEiwHZPs

5) Girl Get Up- Sarah Jakes Roberts

I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, God I need you like never before, there is something sick down on the inside of me and I need it to be healed. I’m tired of making love with the thing that’s trying to kill me. God make me lose the taste out of my mouth, so all I want is righteousness, so that all I want is wholeness. God help me to forgive, God help me to release bitterness.

We have to break through some things before we can get to where God has us. Saturate…I hear the word saturate. His glory is going to saturate your life. He’s coming for your children’s, children’s, children, coming for your finances, to saturate it. You’re the gate. If you open yourself up, God will saturate everything connected to you.

I need a move of God, I need a miracle, I need weight again. Without weight, I can’t be the force that God has called me to be.

link to message: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWIusnIHCSE

I pray that as you read these words may they come alive in you and begin to revitalize your soul in Jesus name, Amen.

The highway of life

The highway of life

I’ve always wondered what causes traffic on a highway. I mean, if every driver sticks to his own lane, there shouldn’t be any traffic, right? Whether you are late for work, an interview, exams or just a meeting, everybody hates traffic and tries avoiding it. Sometimes in avoiding, we escape, other times we get trapped in a more serious traffic. This article, the highway of life, tries to bring out the different life lessons we can get from the road traffic we experience daily.

Traffic lights/controller

There’s a kind of traffic which is just a little bit annoying. That’s the one caused by traffic controllers and lights on the highway. You know they’re doing a good job but you may have a change of mind. Especially if the red light appears directly in front of you not once or twice in a row. At least, this kind of traffic is only temporary and last for a few seconds.

Traffic lights are used to alternate right of way to users. Red means stop, green means go and yellow means slow down. Usually we don’t decide whether or not to follow them, we just follow! Now, relating this to life, can you think of anyone who has such authority over your life?

Like all electronics, we have a creator. The same way a manufacturer controls his product, God controls the universe. In a way, I often look up to Him the same way as the machine controlling all the traffic lights we see on roads. UNSEEN but very powerful. Now let’s compare their functions.

Green lights

Everyone is happy when the lights turn green. Green lights mean progress, success, improvement, growth and a step closer to destination. How do you feel when you have been given right of way, and the cars on the other lane haven’t? happy right!

There are moments in our lives when we feel like we’re making progress. So many open doors, opportunities and favors. Everything happens so fast that before you even notice you’ve reached your destination. How you maximize this particular point of your life will determine how fast you’ll get to your destination. Imagine you had a free lane, but you don’t speed up and end up in another traffic. What a waste!

Yellow lights

Orange or yellow lights usually indicates to a driver to slowdown or to proceed with caution. It’s more of a warning and an advance notice that there’s something ahead. It’s a little bit tricky because it doesn’t say ‘stop’ directly. Do you sometimes feel like you’re going too fast and need to stop for a while? or do you feel like God maybe giving you a signal, a warning! that you need to slow down. Sometimes you only realize in retrospection that there was a warning signal, but you probably didn’t notice.

Red lights

Red is a color of extremes. It could mean love and passion as well it could also mean danger. In this case, it means the latter. In a way, it’s actually meant for good but we always see otherwise. Just like we said green means progress, red on the contrary means no progress. But no progress doesn’t always necessarily mean regression. Like seriously, it hurts to see others making progress in life and others even reaching their goals meanwhile you’re still on the same spot. I always hate it when cars on the other lane are given right of way and not us. It makes me wish I was rather on their lane.

You will agree with me that, this is similar on the highway of life. Sometimes you’re on the move, at high speed. Other times you’re slowing down and sometimes even completely on hold. Which ever one you find yourself in, you need to understand that it’s part of the process. The people you think are progressing aren’t always like that. At some point in their lives, things weren’t moving too. It’s never just a green light, if you’re lucky to have met a green light, sooner or later you’ll meet a red light or yellow light. If you met a red light be grateful because you don’t know the danger that was ahead. The red light will never be there permanently


On the highway of life, we’ve been placed on different lanes. We received different signals at different moments. Some may last longer than others but whatever the case is stay on your own lane and learn from it.



I’ve been made to understand that the battles we face internally are greater than those externally. Sometimes the challenges we face are endless and like they say it never rains but pours. Just when you think you’ve resolved one issue, something else pops up then another and so on and so forth! It can be very depressing and like it or not your mood might start to change, even though it’s not the outcome you desire. From my television and refrigerator getting bad to electricity problems to financial problems and school challenges just to name a few, I felt like the whole world was against me. Finding peace may not be the direct solution to your problem but it puts you one step ahead to finding the solution.


  • To think straight

A troubled mind gives room for doubts and unbelief hence making it hard for you to think right.

  • You don’t want war

The absence of peace is war and with war comes so much hate and destruction. Every time you are not at peace with yourself a part of you is destroyed, do you really want to live with that?

  • It’s healthy

Mental health is just as important as physical health and should not be neglected.

  • To allow the Holy Spirit work in and through you

According to Galatians 5:22-25, peace is one of the 12 fruits of the Spirit

  • It just feels good

Inner peace is a treasured resource that money can’t buy. We all just want to be happy, nobody wants a sad life



  • Try not to be alone for a long period of time.

Alone time is ‘me, myself and I’ time which generally is good and often recommended but it’s not the case now because every negative thought you’ve been trying to avoid will come running back to you. Find ways to distract yourself with friends, family etc

  • Surround yourself with positive people.

In a time like this, which seems like you’re falling, you need people who will lift you up, people whom you know will help you be it spiritually, morally or even financially. It is always a blessing to find out that in the midst of you misery, someone still cares and is willing to help you. Examples of places I can think of are:- church, Christian gathering, a concert, a seminar etc during one of those hard times that I had too many unanswered questions, God used someone in one Christian gathering to speak to me. Truly God works in mysterious ways.

  • Listen to uplifting messages daily

In these trying times, every single word spoken to you will either uplift you or break you all the more. So, stuffs like good music, a motivational talk, a sermon etc should be your daily medicine.

Music always works like magic for me. It’s a good way to turn me on and always puts me in a good mood.

  • Say a little prayer

When a child is beaten or insulted by another, he runs to the parent or caretaker and reports the problem. After a lot of petting, the child starts calming down. It’s the same with our heavenly father, He’s ever present to pet, comfort and reassure you. All you need do is run to him in sincere prayer telling him exactly how you feel.

  • seek help

John 16:6,’ but because I have said these things to you, sorrow has filled your hearts (and taken complete possession of them). But I tell you the truth, it is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away, the Helper (Comforter, Advocate, Intercessor, Counselor, Strengthener, Standby) will not come to you; but if I go, I will send Him the (the Holy Spirit) to you (to be in close fellowship with you).

Ask the Holy Spirit for peace and He will fill your heart.


The storms of life will come and go, vary in their intensity and hit us at our worst moments, but the peace of God remains the same- constant, enduring, comforting. When we choose His peace over fear, worry and anxiety, our hearts and minds abide secure therein.



Here is a brief description on how I personally got back on my feet.

God gave me this bible verse, Isaiah 40:31 which says,

‘but they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint.

There are times in our lives when it feels like we’re flying other times it’s like we’re running, other times just walking and lastly a standstill. This verse encourages us to know that when we wait on God, there’s no such thing as standstill. Even though you may be just walking and life seems slow, don’t worry because you are moving at God’s pace and believe it or not you are making progress. Just try not to compare yourself with yourself some time ago when you were flying, or worse still compare yourself with others. Trust God with where you are right now and He’ll take you to where you ought to be. Wait on God, and whether life is slow, you won’t be weary or when it seems like things aren’t moving, you won’t faint.



Keep on keeping on

Keep on keeping on


‘The way to the top is rough, the smoother, the easier it is to fall’

When the road is rough, you have all these high and low places that make the journey very difficult but you also have stony places you can easily hold on to when you miss a step. But if it’s smooth, then it becomes too slippery and you can easily slip and fall.

When you finally succeed to reach the top after passing through the rough road, each time you’re about falling, you’ll adjust yourself because you know how hard it was for you to get there.

  • I know… it’s true, stones can be like stumbling blocks to defeat but they can also be like stepping stones to your victory.
  • The same stones that help you to climb can also make you fall.
  • The things that break you are the same things that can build you.
  • What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger.
  • Most at times the challenges you may be facing are simply signs of your breakthrough.
  • There’s this scripture I always remember when I’m challenged and it has a way of boosting my morals. ‘the devil has come to steal, kill and destroy but I have come that you may have life and life in fullness ‘John 10:10
  • Personally, I believe there’s a solution to every problem and a problem identified is a problem half solved. What I’m trying to say is if you can know the devil’s plans and schemes then start rejoicing, I’m serious, rejoice because your solution is definitely around the corner. Of course there might be some few more things you need to do but the work will never be compared to if you hadn’t known the source of your problem. That can be so frustrating, imagine things are happening to you but you don’t seem to understand why – It’s like wondering in the desert without knowing which way to go. You just know that you deserve better, you deserve not to be where you are now and so on. Well, trust me you do deserve better, you deserve more than enough that’s why Jesus came, that we may have life in abundance.


The stepping stones signify

  • your support system, those that help you and prevent you from making mistakes and if you do make them, they hold your hand so you won’t fall
  • The challenges you face. It can’t be over stated that when a road is rough it becomes difficult to get through easily and sometimes you feel like giving up, you’re looking at where you are now and the long distance you still have ahead of you. You have endured for so long now but it doesn’t seem like you’re making any progress. You’ve been keeping on and now you just want to give up and it’s just easy to choose the easier path – the smooth path. But I wish to tell you to keep on keeping on just a little longer and you’ll be amazed by the results you’ll produce and how overwhelmed you’ll be. It is such experiences and challenges that will strengthen, motivate and encourage you to stand firm.


But the one who gets to the top through the smooth path will have nothing to hold on to if he falls – no motivation, no encouragement, just nothing because he had it all so easily. The easier you get something, the easier you can lose it. What goes up easily will come down easily too, sometimes even faster than the way it went up

Habakkuk 3:19 says

‘’ the Lord is my strength (my source of courage my invincible army) He has made my feet like hind’s feet and makes me walk (forward with spiritual confidence) on my high places ( of challenge and responsibility)’’

  • a hind is an animal that can climb mountains swiftly and the way to develop hind’s feet is to walk and not stand still, even in terror and make progress even in time of trouble, suffering or responsibility
  • It’s easier to quit but it takes faith to go through
  • 2 Timothy 4:7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.


Martin Luther King Jr said

‘we must keep moving we must keep going, if you can’t fly, run, if you can’t run, walk, if you can’t walk, crawl but by all means keep moving.




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