When your best friend is your greatest admirer, she makes you feel more confident in yourself. She compliments you when others insult you and makes you feel better about yourself when others look down on you. And when she makes you up, you feel like a delicate piece of fine art in the arms of its beholder. She cherishes your beauty and reminds you constantly of just how beautiful your dark skin is and so you can never feel pressured to be anything else other than you.

I received this poem from my best friend and it melted my heart. It got me thinking, how often do we appreciate our loved ones?  Do you compliment them often or are you the kind who ‘jokingly’ insults them? You may laugh about it but what is said has been said and can never be taken back for words are spirit and life (John 6:63).  The words you speak or write to someone can leave a huge impact and create a lasting memory- either good or bad, so it’s important to choose them wisely. Someone said, ‘be careful with your words, once they’re said, they can only be forgiven not forgotten.’ One kind word can change someone’s entire life and I can testify to that. There are many times I’ve been stopped by strangers on the road with this same words, “you are beautiful, don’t change your color.” some of them came as threats and warnings though (laughs) with good intentions, of course. Those days always ended up being the most beautiful of all days. This doesn’t cancel the fact that I was still mocked by other strangers and friends too. They were probably just joking (that kind of slang that comes out like venom). This kind of word kills the spirit. You have a say in the future of your loved ones. Through your words and conversations, you can either encourage them or discourage them. Help them feel and become better by speaking words of life and removing any unnecessary words that you’ll end up regretting in a long run. Be their prophet and prophesy the good you see in them not the bad. Let your words be like seeds, good seeds that bear good fruits. This is a lifestyle- an opportunity to create impact in someone’s life, don’t misuse it just because you want to be funny!



What do you see when you look into the dark?

What comes to mind when you think about “black”?

It may present itself as a world of darkness,

But looking deep, you’ll see it’s a whole world of light.

What do you see when you look at “black”


I see a woman, a black woman.

Her immaculate white teeth lying confidently on her artistic, well-proportioned face.

A smile so deep, with uncontrollable power piercing through her onyx-healing grace, with the capability of melting a frozen heart.

Oh this woman!


Look at her cocoa-savored skin, glowing like a mélange of pure honey and filings of rubies.

This is a symbol of her fertility, the evidence of her origin, the black lava soil from which she was formed.

She absorbs the vibes of negative energy in the surrounding, leaving the way clear for improvement.

Like all black gems, the uniqueness in her personality banishes negativity.


Neither hematite nor pearls;

Antique green or red beryl;

Not even diamonds can compare to the sparkle of her brown sugar-coated heart.

This woman, she’s beauty unrefined.


All we see is the black, but there’s so much more within.

This black woman is a constant reminder of all that lies beyond the stars;

Heaven’s full package in a wrap of dark chocolate.


Her strength, capabilities and worth are never to be underestimated.

This black woman, she’s a priceless jewel.

This black woman, she’s the most precious of all gems.


Poem written by Sirry Beryl N Pearls.




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