What makes you beautiful goes beyond your makeup kit, shoe stand, wardrobe, Brazilian hair, classic bag, body size, shape, height or skin tone. It’s definitely not about how rich you are or what your money can buy. When you become old and weary, those shoes and clothes won’t fit anymore, makeup won’t even be able to hide your age and only your true beauty, the one that last forever will show. Nowadays, anyone can look beautiful, even men. It takes just one simple make over. But the kind of beauty that will make you stand out is the one that creates a lasting impression. It is your virtue and your worth, all of which are found inside you, not outside.

Sometimes you may be tempted to envy another woman because of her looks and impressions. I believe that every woman is beautiful beyond compare. Your beauty is without equal, peerless, second to none, matchless, incomparable, inimitable, outstanding, consummate, unique and perfect. Here’s my backing, Proverbs  31:28-29

her children arise and call her blessed;her husband also, and he praises her: 

                         ‘many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.’

Another version says, ‘there are many good women, but you are the best.’

At first sight, it sounds like comparison but I look at it this way: imagine 10 husbands, each quotes this scripture to his wife, all 10 wives will be told the same thing so which of them will be better than the other-none. They are all beautiful and unique.

Comparing yourself to another woman implies you don’t know your worth and automatically puts you below her. You don’t need to compare, you just need to be you and the real you isn’t how you look outside but rather how you look inside. Below are some of the things I think makes a woman beautiful and unique.

  • Your smile

A woman’s smile is one of the features unique to her alone. A simple smile can brighten up your whole face and attract others to you because people are naturally drawn to those who smile. Smiling is a good way to release tension and reveal your beauty. It doesn’t just brighten up your face but it can also lighten up a room because it is contagious. The benefits of smiling are many both to you and to those around you but it all depends on how genuine your smile is. Happy women are always the prettiest.


  • Your eyes

Your eyes is another feature you possess that makes you unique.

                     ‘the beauty of a woman must be seen through her eyes, because that is the Doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.’

                                                            Audrey Hepburn

Your eyes are a great way to express your inner beauty because they don’t lie, they look exactly how your heart feels. Let the look in your eyes be graceful and not seductive. Use your eyes to relate positivity by bringing out positive emotions especially love.


  • Your voice

Your voice is distinct and different from everyone else’s. Two people can say the same thing but just the difference in the tone of their voices can cause people to react differently to it. You have a unique ability to relate things to people through your speech. No one can talk the way you do. No one can say it and mean it the way you do. A lot of things have been said but just adding your voice makes it different and unique.


  • Your interests/passions

Your interests make you interesting. People might have similar interests but no two people have the same complete interests and that’s what makes you unique. Being very passionate about life and the things you love reveals your inward beauty and makes you irresistible.


  • Your actions

Your actions are a result of your character, personality and temperament, all of which combine to make you unique. Our school bus is generally always on time and leaves exactly at 7 am even if there’s just one student in the bus. Surprisingly, one day, the driver waited for some students who were late, probably for genuine reasons. I was so amazed that I had this urge to thank the driver. At first, I was hesitant and scared of the driver’s reaction but later on made up my mind to do it anyway. So when I got down from the bus, I went to his window and thanked him, I also told him that he was very kind to have waited for them. He stared at me for a while and I couldn’t make out the look on his face, then he smiled and gave me a high five. Later during the day, the other driver who apparently was told about it approached me and told me that all throughout his many years of driving the school bus, he’s never seen someone with my character and that I should keep it up. Both drivers and I are now friends and the rest is history (smiles). The little things you do matter so never neglect the least opportunity you have to do good, no matter how small it is.


Generally, let your smile, eyes, voice, interest and actions speak of love, kindness and gentleness, you never know whom you might be blessing. Do all these like someone’s life depends on it. Sometimes it may not mean anything to you or you may not need it but always remember that someone needs it.

I obviously haven’t mentioned everything so I’ll love to get your own opinion, what do you think makes you unique?


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